E-business VS E-commerce – Features & Difference

E-commerce refers to a dynamic set of technologies, application and business processes that link buyers and sellers through electronic networks to carry out commercial transaction and exchange goods, services and information. It involves –

  1. Market transactions conducted over electronic networks

  2. Interactive platform for trade related activities

  3. Buying and selling of goods and services over public networks

A typical E-Commerce Model – Marketing & ResearchOnline Surveys, Search Engines, Social Media, Private Browsers, Feedback forms, Planning and forecastingInformation ExchangeBanner Ads, Interactive Ads, Website, E-catalogueOrder PlacementOnline order processing, Browsing, Customized ordersPayment & Delivery Electronic payment system, online delivery, physical shipments and delivery processingCustomer ServiceE-CRM, Telephone support, FAQ sheets, Online support, Live chat, After sale service

E-Business refers to a business which uses electronic mediums to carry out its core business operations. It involves business activities which are conducted over electronic networks such as –

  1. Direct Marketing and selling of goods and services

  2. Advertising and promotion

  3. Information exchange and processing

  4. Value chain trade

  5. Corporate purchasing or E-procurement

Uses of E-business

Difference between E-business and E-commerceE – BusinessE – CommerceIt has a Broad perspectiveIt has a Narrow perspectiveIt uses electronic and telecommunication networks to carry out core business processesIt uses electronic medium for information processing and exchange and to carry out commercial transactionsInvolves use of electronic mediums for carrying out business processes more efficiently and effectivelyInvolves use of electronic mediums to provide an interactive platform for trading of goods and services between buyers and sellersSupersetSubset of E-businessIts scope involves commercial as well as business transactionsIts scope is limited to commercial transactionsRequires a Website, CRM and ERP system to function properlyIt requires only a website to operateIt makes use of Internet, Intranet and Extranet networksIt makes use of InternetB2B Model Eg. Dell, Alibaba, QualcommB2C Model Eg. Snapdeal, Ebay, Shopclues

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