Media Planning and Strategy Development Activities – Advertising

Media Planning refers to a series of decisions required in an effort to deliver the ad message to a large target audience in an effective manner at low cost.

Media simply refers to a vehicle or means of message delivery system to carry an ad message to a targeted audience.

Media planning involves setting certain media objectives and strategies to accomplish the pre-determine business or advertising objectives. The goal is to formulate a particular combination of media that would enable the advertiser to communicate the message effectively to a large audience at lowest cost.

Some common terms associated with media planning are Reach, Frequency and Coverage.

  1. Reach refers to the number of different people who are exposed at least once to an advertising medium in a given period of time.

  2. Frequency refers to the number of times an audience is exposed to an advertising medium in a given period of time.

  3. Coverage refers to the potential audience that may get exposed to an advertising medium in a given period of time.

Media Planning and Strategy Development Activities

Media Planning and Strategy Development involves a series of sequential activities which are:   

(1) Conducting Situation analysis – It involves defining the marketing problem and conducting SWOT analysis of the company as well as the competitors.

(2) Formulating a Marketing Strategy – It involves:

  1. Studying the internal and external factors affecting media plan

  2. Conducting Target Market Segmentation

  3. Making Marketing mix decisions

(3) Formulating an Advertising Strategy – It involves determining the behavior and attitude of target audience and taking decisions regarding:

  1. The product information to be communicated

  2. Product positioning

  3. Media to be used

  4. Ad copy, Advertising message and Advertising Appeal

(4) Setting media objectives – This step involves setting media objectives in terms of coverage, reach and frequency of advertisements.

(5) Determining media strategy – It involves the task of selecting the best alternative or strategy to effectively achieve the advertising objective and setting guidelines for media.

(6) Selection of media – It involves comparison and selection of media. The media selected may be Broadcast media, Print Media, Outdoor Media or Support Media or a combination of these mediums.

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