Recent trends in Indian Advertising – Short Notes

Advertising is a creative field that acts as the backbone of businesses. Its contribution to the commercial world is huge. Advertising acts the link between the organizations that produce products and the consumers who procure the same. Advertising get the business houses their share of the market by taking their products and services to the prospective customers. Advertising is a highly volatile field and is impacted by business decisions taken at societal levels. Some of the recent trends prevalent in Indian Advertising are given below.

Rise of Digital Agencies

New age thinking has come up with creative ideas which are more clutter-breaking in nature. The field of Advertising has taken a new dimension altogether coming out of the clutches of tradition advertising methodologies. More and more Advertising Agencies are getting associated with production houses. With the internet taking products and services to the nook and corner of the world, Digital Agencies have gained utmost importance over the conservative mediums. Mobile friendly advertisements and creatives are becoming popular every passing day. Businesses and solutions that associate well with the Digital Media tend to get more visibility than the ones that hail the traditional methods.

Content Advertising

Brands understand the importance of connecting with the youth through high quality content. Newer and creative ways are being innovated to increase brand visibility. Brands have realized the value addition that high quality content and honest presentation of products offer to their business. Top class brands tend to have creative team within their premises so high quality content can be produced at great speed in a concise manner. Vast space is created in the digital arena to showcase the high levels of creativity the youth possesses.

Digital Marketing

Every form of communication has a digital to it. No communication in the advertising field irrespective of the media gets completed without a digital touch to the same. India’s digital advertisement market is expected to cross the ₹ 25,000 crore by 2020. While graphic and video editing software ease the creative part of Advertising, digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs etc., enable a brand to interact with their prospective customers. Indian advertising has witnessed vast use on digital marketing tools such as email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Youtube marketing, mobile marketing etc. The vast extent of Digitalisation will make more creative people opt for media opposed to the earlier trend of media professionals getting in to the creative world.

Recent trends in Indian advertising

  1. Digital Media is eroding the market dominance of television and print media

  2. Increased emphasis on developing advertising strategies and digital campaigns

  3. Accelerated entry of foreign business and foreign advertising agencies selling foreign products

  4. Focus on high quality content

  5. Advertising through corporate websites, blogs, e-commerce etc.

  6. Ad blocking has posed threats to intrusive pop-up ad networks

  7. Huge acceptance of online video ads and advertising on Mobile Games

  8. Use of digital platforms such as social networking website, social bookmarking websites, listing websites, forums, youtube, search engines etc.

  9. Use of digital marketing tools such as email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, mobile marketing etc.

Advertising media has become a highly matured one. Owing to the same, it has started reading the pulse of the consumers in the perfect manner. The appropriate manner in which Advertising Media taps customer potential acts as a huge gain for business houses. It is up to the businesses to leverage the efficiency of Advertising Agencies to their advantage. Prudence lies in allocating the required budget for Advertising their products and services through digital media which stands on a higher pedestal than others.

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